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As a cultural centre of the region, Amman attracts art lovers from throughout Jordan and the Middle East. The city has a number of excellent theatres as well as national and privately operated art galleries.

All the leading hotels offer first-class exhibition space.

Art Galleries

4Sight Gallery

5th Circle
tel : +962-6-5560080

4Walls Gallery
Art exhibitions, music concerts and plays for local and foreign artists. Opens daily 09:00-19:00, closed Fri
Sheraton Hotel Amman
tel : +962-6-5920902

Al Mashreq Gallery

tel : +962-6-5681303

Baladna Gallery
Paintings, contemporary Jordanian jewellery. Opens daily 10:00-19:00, closed Fri.
AlShahid Wasfi Tal St.
tel : +962-6-5537993


6 th Circle
tel : +962-6-5810280

City Hall

tel : +962-6-4636111

Dar Al Anda

Jabal Al Weibdeh
tel : +962-6-4643252

Darat AL Funun

Jabal Al Weibdeh
tel : +962-6-4643251


Jabal Al Weibdeh
tel : +962-6-4631969

Orfali Art Gallery
Paintings, sculpture and ceramics. Opens daily 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00, closed Fri.
Umm Uthaina
tel : +962-6-5526932

The Gallery
Paintings, sculpture and ceramics of Jordanian artists. Opens daily 07:30-19:00, closed Fri
Jordan Intercontinetal Hotel
tel : +962-6-4641361

Zara Gallery
Paintings, solo and collective exhibitions. Opens daily 11:00-19:00, Sat. 15:00-19:00, closed Fri.
Grand Hyatt Hotel
tel : +962-6-4651433

Nabad Art Gallery

Jabal Amman
tel : +962-6-4655084

Cultural Centers

Emirates Cultural Center

tel : +962-6-5676635

Goethe Institute

3rd Circle
tel : +962-6-4641993

Haya Art Center

tel : +962-6-5665195

Spanish Cultural Center

Jabal Amman 3rd Circle
tel : +962-6-4610858

The American Center

tel : +962-6-5859102

The British Council

1st Circle
tel : +962-6-4636147

Национальная Галерея Изобразительных Искусств Иордании
Этот современный комплекс вмещает в себя театры, кинотеатры, конференц-залы и выставочные павильоны, а также является регулярным объектом для разнообразных культурных событий. По запросу можно получить программу мероприятий на месяц. Ежегодно в мае здесь проходит Иорданский кинофестиваль.
Jabal AlWaibdeh
tel : +962-6-4643252 fax: +962-6-4643253

The French Cultural Center

Jabal AlWaibdeh
tel : +962-6-4637009

The Royal Cultural Center

Shmeisani - Near Sport City
tel : +962-6-5669026

Turkish Cultural Center

Jabal Amman
tel : +962-6-4637009

Zaha Cultural Center

tel : +962-6-5331567


Ammoun Theater

Al Abdali
tel : +962-6-4618274


Jabal Amman
tel : +962-6-4647155


Jabal Al Hussein
tel : +962-6-4641760


Le Royal Cinema

Le Royal Hotel - Jabal Amman
tel : +962-6-4603000


Jabal Amman
tel : +962-6-4163260

Cinema City

Mecca Mall
tel : +962-6-5518611


tel : +962-6-5934793


Housing Bank Complex - Shemeisani
tel : +962-6-5699238


tel : +962-3-2022200

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Kan Zaman, on a hilltop about 12km south of the city, is a renovated complex of stables, storehouses, and a residential complex, that has become a major tourist attraction. Kan Zaman, which means ‘once upon a time’, combines a turn-of-the-century atmosphere with some of the best food and crafts of Jordan. The paved courtyard is lined with shops selling handicrafts, jewellery and spices. Visitors can smoke shisha at the coffee shop or enjoy excellent Arabic food at the traditional restaurant. Some unusual entertainment is also on the menu.

Aside from the popular downtown souks, Amman, like most major cities offers shoppers a wide variety of choices, from large shopping malls to small back-street art and craft shops and everything in between.