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King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Managed by Hilton Re-launches Its Community Committee
07 March 2013

Community-minded staff at King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton are celebrating an impressive journey of voluntary efforts that they took in 2012 towards giving back to their community.

The 11-strong team, known in the Centre as a Blue Energy Committee, were involved in ten community events and initiatives last year including charity drives, clean up campaigns, recycling activities, education-related events such as career days in schools and universities. The Blue Energy team are also dedicated to ensure that KHTBCC remains the number one convention centre choice in the region for meetings, incentives, conferences and events, by activating initiatives internally and externally.

Celebrating the inspiring results, Kamel Ajami, Hilton Worldwide country manager – Jordan, said: “The Blue Energy team represents the spirit and the energy of the convention centre. They are an inspiring, dedicated group driven to succeed – not for themselves – but for our guests, their fellow colleagues, their place of work and the wider community. They have experienced an outstanding year and I am proud and delighted at their achievements during the past 12 months.”

For 2013, a new team of volunteers now make up the Blue Energy Committee and they know they have a strong legacy to build on, as Chairperson Majeed Mohammadia explains: “The new team represents a wide cross section of the total staff and they are charged with cultivating and engaging workplace to consistently demonstrate company values and to promote the brand promise of making every guest feeling cared for, valued and respected”.
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